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conditioning workouts

We have created a unique approach to training that is designed

to get you the best results possible, regardless of whether your goal. 

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Trained Under Best Trainers

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ST Fitness Professionals

We provide Brisbane with a high standard of personal training tailored to your specific needs

At ST Fitness Professionals it is our mission to help you achieve your goals in efficient and timely manor. We do this by thorough assessment and individual training tailored to your goal.


Muscles gain

At ST Fitness we want to help you increase muscle gain as quick as possible.


Weight loss

At ST Fitness we want to help you to improve weight loss by using the appropriate tools to lose the weight as quick as possible.



At ST Fitness professionals we will help improve your strength by utilizing intelligent programming by using scientifically proven methods.



Lacking the motivation to train? At ST Fitness we train hard but have fun along the way while reaching our goals.



At ST Fitness we want to help you to improve your mobility/flexibility as this is a big part also.